Garden Centre

In our Garden Center we always stock a wide range of plants of all kinds: from small seasonal flowers to fully grown trees including indoor plants, herbs, trailing plants, plants for ponds, cacti, shrubs, fruit trees, palms, feature plants etc.
We offer many kinds of compost, fertilizer and chemical products to provide the ideal conditions for the health and growth of your plants.

Ask our team at Montgo Verd for advice on caring for your garden, the correct use of chemical and organic treatments, siting of new plants, how to prune your shrubs and fruit trees, control of pests and diseases etc…. We will be delighted to help !

We offer a huge selection of plant containers and troughs in a variety of materials including: traditional terracotta, rustic dark brown ceramics, glazed containers and dishes in many colors, as well as economic plastic pots and the most sophisticated designs in resin and fibreglass.

At Montgo Verd you can find everything you need for your garden: seed, watering cans, irrigation system controllers and fittings, fencing materials, weed suppression material, decorative stone and gravel etc. We supply garden soil by the lorry load.