Our services

Garden Center

In our garden centre you can find all kinds of plants, trees and palms. We also offer different kinds of substrates, fertilizers and phytosanitary products of the best brands, all accompanied by professional and free advice. In the same way we have a great variety in decoration and complements for your garden and terrace.

Design and construction of gardens

Whether you have a terrace, a garden or a deserted plot, our professionals have been designing, building and reforming spaces without grace into authentic wonders for over 20 years. We design styles that adapt to both the client's tastes and their needs. Let's work together, we will find the most suitable option for you!

Automatic watering

Combining the lawn suction and drip system will reduce water consumption and use what is needed for each type of plant. Choosing which type of automatic watering system your plants need is not easy, that is why at Montgo Verd we have a team of specialists, they will know which watering system will best suit your type of plantation.

Home delivery and planting

We offer a home delivery and planting service, so you only have to choose the plant you want and where it will go, and we will take care of the rest. We have professional cranes and machinery of the highest quality, so with us you have complete freedom to choose where you want us to plant your new plant.

Garden treatments and pruning

To have healthy and full of life plants need to be pruned properly, according to the needs of each plant. Equally necessary and recommended is to carry out preventive fumigation, where possible plagues are avoided. However, if your plant has already fallen ill it is vital to treat it as soon as possible, at Montgo Verd we have professionals who provide these services in an efficient manner.

Cafeteria and restaurant

We wanted to offer our clients the opportunity to rest in a peaceful environment surrounded by nature. Our restaurant-cafeteria is the ideal place for any meeting, with a familiar customer service and a wide and varied menu, we offer the best of us because we want you to choose us always.